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Samatha paradise is located off the Hunsur main road. Samatha paradise is very well planned to provide ample lung space. It subscribes to the needs of a wide spectrum of people and is intended to be in a way people feel welcomed and inspired.

Each plot comes to you uniquely at a very affordable price. The development has sites of either 4000 Sq ft ( 50” X 80” ) or 2400 Sq Ft ( 40” X 60” ) in dimension. Plots are diligently planned and designed keeping in mind the different requirements of each of our esteemed clients. With 55% ground coverage it is ideally designed to provide you with breathing spaces. Samatha paradise would be your ideal home away from the ever bustling city, yet close to your daily neghbourhood.






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please call us on 98457 90910 or 99800 91182 for any queries email: [email protected]